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In Italy, in 1835, DIATTO, the  carriage-building company is founded. In the middle of the nineteenth century, manufacture is broadened to include trams and railway carriages, most notably the luxury Trans Europe Express. In 1905 DIATTO move into the production of luxury sports cars and (a year later) embark on a racing history, seeing them rise to the podium more than 300 times with champions such as Nuvolari, Maserati and De Sterlich. From 1910 DIATTO export to Europe, America and Australia;  among their prestigious customers are The Italian Royal Family and the family of the young Enzo Ferrari. In partnership with Ettore Bugatti, DIATTO construct aeronautic engines and subsequently, in the early 1920’s, prestigious Diatto-Bugatti road-going sports and race cars. In 1922 Alfieri Maserati is nominated team manager for DIATTO racing and assigned the task of designing 2-litre, 8-cylinder supercharged engines for the DIATTO GRAN PRIX cars; these will become the precursors to the first race cars with the Trident badge. In the early 1930’s, after 8,500 automobiles had been produced, DIATTO’s assembly lines were interrupted; spare parts continued to be produced until 1955. DIATTO represents the pioneering spirit of motor-racing and thanks to a heritage born 170 years ago, is considered the oldest manufacturer amongst the forerunners to the automobile.



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